Friday, January 15, 2021


Membership is open to all retired school employees: teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff and administrators.

Our goals:

  • to present a forum that keeps members informed of issues such as health care, COLAs and relevant legislation, educational issues and other areas of concern to retirees.
  • to provide a social aspect with breakfast and luncheon meetings and other learning and travel activities. 

  • to continue to work on behalf of issues that affect our children and public schools. 

Who we (YOU!) are:

  • As when you were before retirement, you are a member of 
    •  Eastern Region

      • Counties/Locals  

        • Berks

        • Carbon

        • Lehigh

        • Northampton

        • Schuylkill. 

    • PSEA

    • NEA

  • You continue to be eligible for your member benefits programs

    • Home and car insurance, credit cards, etc.

    • You will continue your liability coverage should you choose to substitute in the schools.

NOTE: Our Executive committee meeting has been changed to 6 April (due to the weather's cancellation of the PSEA-Retired BOD meeting)


 Trip Information

Check Trips button or email Audrey Mathison at for more information


Announcement from PSEA regarding dental insurance:


PSEACare Dental & Vision Plan

Quality, affordable insurance for retirees & dependent children

PSEA-Retired members, their spouses, and dependent children up to age 26 (or any age for certified disability) can enroll in the PSEACare Dental & Vision Insurance throughout the year into one of six coverage periods (Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept. or Nov.).

Payments can be made by your choice of monthly ACH withdrawals or yearly by check.

Monthly rates

  • Individual $39
  • Two-Party $78*
  • Family $117*

Annual rates

  • Individual $463
  • Two-Party $926*
  • Family $1,389*

* Includes dependent children up to age 26 or any age for certified disability.
Note: Monthly premium rates include a $5 per participant per year processing charge.

  1. While premiums can change at each annual enrollment period, it is worth noting that PSEACare premiums have not increased since 2009.
  2. Effective March 1, 2017, dependent children (under age 26 or with a certified disability) are eligible for coverage under the PSEACare Dental and Vison plan.
  3. Annual maximum for dental benefits is $1,600.
  4. Coverage for in-network claims are as follows: Class I services are covered at 100 percent; Class II services are covered at 70 percent; Class III services are covered at 60 percent.
  5. White fillings (resin) coverage for all teeth.
  6. Vision insurance in-network frame allowance is $100 off the retail price.

Get the PSEACare information sheet and enrollment form.

If you have questions: Call1-800-944-7732 extension 7024or

The PSEA Health and Welfare Plan was established in 1979 to provide health and welfare benefits to certain school employees in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, employees of PSEA or its affiliates, and PSEA members.







We have a Facebook page! It is a closed group, which means that while others can find the page, only those in the group can see and post to the page. The group's name is: PSEA Eastern Region-Retired.

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Region Officers

Send us an email at any time:

President: Audrey Mathison

Vice-president:  Drew Pennoni

Secretary: Janet Balthaser 

Treasurer:   Gary Phillips   

Webmaster:      Kathie Epler  

County Presidents:

Berks: Laura Yoder

Carbon: Dr. Sam Dolgopol 

Lehigh: Audrey Mathison

Northampton: Kathleen Conahan

Schuylkill: Joan M, Koslosky